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Office space design for working comfortable and efficiently

The New Way of Working
The New Way of Working means that staff work independent on place and time. They no longer work or work much less at the office, and they themselves largely determine when and where they work.

What is necessary for The New Way of Working? 
The New Way of Working demands a certain culture and organization. The management does not manage based on hours and attendance but on performance and output. If the New Way of Working is implemented well, the advantages are significant. This is evidenced by companies that already work on this basis. Staff are more content, absence due to illness is lower and productivity is higher. Moreover, one can save on office space and car costs.

Office space design
The New Way of Working requires new equipment and workstation setups to create a healthy workplace, regardless of where the person works. It is no longer just about the fixed office workstation, but also about flexi work, mobile working and home working. And all these forms of working demand a good and well-thought-out interpretation in the field of equipment and ergonomics.

vaste werkplek inrichtingFixed workstation design
A traditional fixed workstation is generally used by the same employee. This workstation can therefore be set up to respond as perfectly as possible to this person's duties. It is a personal ergonomic environment.

Desk, chair, monitor height and depth, document holder, compact keyboard and type of mouse can be adjusted according to the person’s needs. A laptop can be docked in the laptop holder or the employee can use a desktop in a CPU holder.

Equipping the workstation for telecommuting and flexible working
When an organization opts for telecommuting and flexible working, this calls for equipping the workstation differently. The workstation is not as cluttered, and employees bring along their own items such as their mouse and laptop with them. Sometimes, employees even carry around their own portable laptop holder and compact keyboard.

flexwerkplekCollaborative workspace design
With telecommuting and flexible working, a workstation is used by various employees. The working environment is set up according to duties, thereby creating various islands made up of several workstations with conference rooms located elsewhere. These workstations are utilized much more efficiently within a pleasant ergonomic environment.

Collaborative workspaces: equipping them properly
It is important for the workstation to be easily adjustable and adaptable: not just the desk and the chairs, but also the monitor arms, document holder and other accessories. These elements must be as universal as possible so that various people can use them. Attention must also be given to hygiene and to storing personal items.

mobiele werkplekMobile workspace
Employees are increasingly working on the go, at a customer's office, on a train, at an airport or in a hotel. And people are working for increasingly longer periods under way. Having a mobile workstation with the right ergonomic accessories is essential. Here, too, adequate measures must be taken to be able to work comfortably and efficiently.

Accessories for the mobile workstation
Accessories such as laptop holders, keyboards and mice must be as compact and as light as possible for use at a mobile workstation. They must be easy to transport, and simple and quick to set up. With a trolley or backpack they can easily be transported from one mobile workstation to another.

thuiswerkplekHome office designs
Teleworking is becoming increasingly popular. Why not, when modern technology makes it possible and lets employees manage their time much more efficiently?

Avoid the morning rush hour and start the working day at home, or work the whole day at home to finish off a report or to do other computer work.

A home office: ergonomic and comfortable
As the home workstation is becoming more intensively used, it has to be efficiently equipped. It also has to comply with the minimum legal requirements. People often work in various places in the house: at a desk, on the couch or at the kitchen table. This means that the accessories should be compact to be carried around and stored.
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