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In the picture: the Evoluent mouse

It might seem a trivial part of our comfortably arranged workstation: the computer mouse. But don’t let its small appearance deceive you. For one thing, computer users spend more than half their time on the computer working with the mouse (53% to be precise). Furthermore, working with the mouse is an intensive and repetitive operation. For these reasons, it is important that PC-workers experience using their mouse as pleasant, i.e. with the right mouse and in the best (read: most ergonomic) posture.
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Natural working posture
Let’s start with the latter. A good (working) posture has to be as natural as possible and this also applies to the way you use your mouse. With a standard mouse, the wrist is fully turned, i.e. the palm faces downwards. This is not a natural posture. When you place your wrist in the "handshake grip" position, as shown in the image below, it has assumed a neutral posture. This is easier to maintain and is, at the same time, more pleasant. And the more comfortable you are sitting in front of your computer, the more productive you are.
evoluent fout en goed

Luckily, there is a solution to create this natural posture. With a so-called vertical ergonomic mouse, you ensure that the wrist holding the mouse is automatically in the desired neutral position. As a specialist in ergonomic computer accessories, BakkerElkhuizen has in its product range one of the most advanced vertical mouse devices: the Evoluent. Better said: the Evoluent family.
evoluent mice

The Evoluent family
The Evoluent mouse devices are characterized by their simplicity of use and wonderful design. In addition, while developing the mouse, differences between small and big hands were taken into account. Therefore, the Evoluent mouse suits everyone. The Evoluent mouse has 5 buttons that are individually programmable. You can click the thumb button to go forward, the middlemost button for the right mouse click, etc. With the + and – button, you can also adjust the cursor speed. This offers greater possibilities, and you also reduce the number of clicks and movements required for your daily computer tasks. It takes little time to get used to the Evoluent. The design of this vertical mouse is entirely aimed at making it as comfortable as possible and easy to use. Furthermore, the Evoluent mouse works quickly and precisely.

The Evoluent mouse is available in various designs, left- and right-handed, for big and smaller hands and wireless or non-wireless. An overview of the Evoluent family:

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