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A practical guide to improving work performance with insights from pro sports

The whitepaper ‘Office employees are like professional athletes!' provides five insights. This guide gives insights into measures that can be implemented in practical situations.

Improving concentration and creativity by stimulating recovery every hour
VDU users can improve their work performance considerably by including a recovery time every hour and preferably using this time to even leave their workplace for three minutes to take a short walk. Exercise stimulates creativity. By using your recovery time to get away from your workplace for a few minutes to take a little walk outdoors, you return with a fresh approach to a problem you left behind. By this time, you may have arrived at new insights that you hadn’t thought of before.

However, employees don’t always remember to take these recovery times themselves. WORK & MOVE is essential for reminding employees to do this. WORK & MOVEcoaches employees to include enough recovery times by giving them reminders on the screen and also gives pro-active feedback about their recovery behaviour and work performance. This software is based on scientifically proven insights intended to get employees to get up and move around so they will perform better at their work.

Increasing work rate by using large, freely adjustable screens
Having a large enough screen (at least 19 inches) is essential to be able to work quickly. Using smaller screens will reduce performance. A monitor arm allows employees to adjust the monitor to their preferred position quickly and easily. The Space Arm is a solution that has proven its practicality and long-lasting effects in office environments.
space arm monitorarm

When using multiple applications simultaneously, a second screen is a way to increase the work rate. More information about working with multiple screens and how you can set them up is available in the whitepaper ‘Working with two or more computer screens’.

Increasing work rate by using a compact keyboard with lightcoloured keys
The S-Board 840 is a specially designed compact keyboard for which a separate numeric section is available. Its light-coloured keys increase typing speed, and its keyboard design has undergone extensive development to achieve a high level of user-friendliness.

Increasing work rate by providing a laptop with an external keyboard, mouse and notebook stand
The speed of working on a laptop can be increased by at least 17% by using an external keyboard, mouse and notebook stand. The notebook stand can remain attached to the laptop so that it will never be forgotten, as it can be with the ultrathin Ultrastand. The integrated notebook stand, however, is a customised solution, a portable notebook stand is a more widely applicable solution. The Ergo-Q260 is just such a notebook stand.

You can also increase your work rate by using an external mouse. This is because it takes considerably more time to use a laptop’s touchpad than to use an external mouse. The DXT Mouse is both ergonomic and fast, but a standard mouse like the Laser Mouse is fine for infrequent mouse use. If you would like to know more about choosing the right mouse, then Download the whitepaper ‘How do you choose the right mouse?’.
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