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A monitor stand for every workplace

An ergonomic workspace enhances the comfort and productivity of DSE workers. It is easy to create the ideal workspace with a few minor adjustments. BakkerElkhuizen develops and supplies high-quality monitor stands for better and healthier workspaces.
An incorrectly placed monitor causes neck and shoulder complaints. A good monitor stand, laptop stand or monitor arm can be adjusted to the most comfortable working height. If you have a screen connected to a stand, you are often unable to adjust the screen to the right viewing height.
“ An incorrectly placed monitor causes neck and shoulder complaints. ”
What are the advantages of a monitor stand?
  • Fewer physical problems
  • Adjustable to the desired viewing height
  • Employees become more productive
  • Less absence caused by physical complaints
Enhancing productivity
Enhancing productivity
The monitor stands from BakkerElkhuizen help prevent neck and shoulder issues and give you a comfortable work position. An optimum monitor position works a lot more comfortably and increases productivity by 10% compared with poor placement.
What is the right viewing height and distance?
The distance to the screen should be at least 60 cm (one arm’s length), but preferably more than that. The height of the screen should be adjusted in such a way that the viewing angle is 10-20° below eye level. The viewing distance is determined by character height, at a minimum of 200 times and preferably 150 times the character height (a character height of 4 mm thus corresponds with a viewing distance of 60 cm).

A relatively large viewing distance causes less eye strain, because the eyes do not need to accommodate as much, provided that the characters on the screen change size proportionally. The characters on the screen can sometimes be enlarged; for example, Word has a zoom-in and zoom-out function that enlarges or reduces the image of the active document. Larger characters are read more easily than smaller ones.

The entire screen should be around 10-20° below eye level. With the monitor in this position, the eyes can accommodate and converge better, and overall eye strain is reduced.
How to create a proper ergonomic workspace
  1. Adjust your desk and desk chair to the correct height first.
  2. Sit down properly on your desk chair.
  3. Sit right in front of your monitor.
  4. Adjust the monitor stand to the right viewing distance. This should be at least 60 cm (one arm’s length).
  5. Adjust the top side of the monitors to eye level, but no more than 10 cm below eye level.
If you want to adjust your monitors separately or you would like to create more space on your desk, a simple upgrade to a monitor arm will give you many more options.
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