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How do I adjust the dpi settings (mouse speed/sensitivity)?
The dpi settings can be changed by simultaneously holding the left and right button for 3 seconds. The settings are between 800 - 2400 dpi (800 - 1200 – 1600 - 2400 dpi, with 1200 dpi as default).
How do I know when the batteries need to be recharged?
When the battery needs recharging the LED on the mouse will display a red light. When the battery is fully charged a green light will be displayed. With everyday usage the battery will last approximately 3 months before recharging is needed.
How far away does the wireless mouse work?
The wireless Penclic Mouse™ minimum reach is 5 metres.
My Penclic Mouse does not seem to be working properly. What can I do?
- Check the battery. - When the battery needs charging the LED on the mouse will show red. When the batery is fully charged a green light will bee displayed. - Un-plug and re-plug the receiver.
Which operating systems does Penclic MouseTM work with?
The supported platforms for Penclic MouseTM are all operating systems that support HID 1.1. These includes Windows XP or later, Mac OSX version 10.1 or later and most Linux/BSD flavors
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