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I do not have the required permissions to install MT Keys at my workplace
All changes in MT Keys are locally stored in the Mousetrapper, which means that you can install MT Keys on any computer without (admin/)installation rights. You can then connect the Mousetrapper to program the keys. When you subsequently connect the Mousetrapper at your workstation, the settings will have that same configuration.
Some of the buttons on the Mousetrapper seem to have no function
Download the MT Keys software to see which functions the buttons have and, if desired, configure the settings to match your needs.
The Edge-Scroll functionality is not working properly
The Advance, Flexible and Prime models have a scroll function on the right side of the control panel. This can be operated as follows:
  • Put your finger on the right side of your control panel where you see an infrared beam shining from the top down. The scroll mode will start up when you cross this beam
  • Scroll as desired, and lift your finger up
  • Repeat the first step to start scrolling again (Control panel is frozen, lift up your finger and in one fluid motion, move it to the side of the plastic frame and slide the control panel higher or lower.)

It may take some time to get used to this technique if you haven’t worked with the Mousetrapper before. If the user wants other scroll methods, he/she can also use the scroll buttons. Please consult the manual for the button configuration of your Mousetrapper model.
The mouse cursor on the screen does not (or with a delay) follow the movements of the Mousetrapper control pad
This is probably caused by dust or dirt on the Mousetrapper sensors. In most cases, you can easily remedy this yourself.

You will need a spray can with pressurised air (these can be found at most office supply or electronics stores). Then follow the steps below.
  • Disconnect the Mousetrapper from the computer
  • Place the nozzle at the edge of the control panel
  • Press the pressurised air in the opening between the pad and the casing (See photo)
  • Wait approximately 5 minutes to make sure that all of the condensation has vaporised
  • Reconnect the Mousetrapper and begin working as you normally would to see whether the problem has been alleviated

The Mousetrapper does not respond when I connect it to the PC
There may be several possible causes for this, so please try the following options:

Try to connect the Mousetrapper to another USB port. Preferably one that is directly connected to your PC. Now restart your computer.
The Mousetrapper is not working in wireless mode
  • In order to use the Mousetrapper in wireless mode, connect the USB receiver (which can be found in the compartment underneath the Mousetrapper) directly to your PC
  • If you have a Mousetrapper Prime model, the wireless mode will start automatically. If you have a Mousetrapper Flexible, keep the on/off button pressed down for approximately 5 seconds (Please note: do not keep it pressed down for longer than 10 seconds as this will turn the Mousetrapper off)
  • Disconnect the USB cable and check to see whether the Mousetrapper works in wireless mode
  • You can use the Mousetrapper in wireless mode until the red LED light begins to flash. When this happens, you need to charge the battery by connecting the USB cable. You can continue working with the Mousetrapper as you normally would while it is charging. When the green LED light comes on, the Mousetrapper is fully charged. This LED light will turn off when you disconnect the USB cable.
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