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How can I clean the wrist rests?
The wrist rests can be removed for cleaning and replacement. When cleaning, use gentle fluids and products. If you want to replace the wrist rests, please contact your local provider.
I can’t move my cursor any further. How can I continue moving the cursor?
If you moved the rollerbar all the way to the left or right and you had like to continue moving your cursor, simply force the rollerbar slightly in the intended direction until you hear a gentle click. This activates the end detection and the cursor is free to move anywhere on the screen. Release the rollerbar when the cursor is where you want it. Tip: If you find that your cursor is too often out of the rollerbar range, your selected cursor speed may be too low.
My Ergoslider doesn’t seem to be working properly. What can I do?
 Some troubleshooting tips:

Try re-connecting (maybe in a different port) your Ergoslider or restart the computer
Try connecting your Ergoslider to another computer
Make sure you haven't downloaded another mouse driver on your computer - it might interfere with your Ergoslider.
Wil Thel Ergoslider work with my computer?
 Yes. The Ergoslider is designed to operate on a Plug-and Play basis on a PC or Mac.
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