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Can I program the HandShoe Mouse buttons?
The HandShoe Mouse buttons cannot be programmed.
Button functions are defined by standard software provided on PC or laptop by Microsoft®, Macintosh®, Apple® and Unix®.
How do I know which size of the HandshoeMouse fits my hand?
Measure on the inside of the stretched out hand, distance from wrist (the cross over between hand and arm) up to the tip of the ring finger. This length provides an indication of the required size.
Measurement of required HandShoe Mouse size.

Extra small up to 150mm BNEP150R (right handed)
Small 150 - 170 mm BNEP170R (right handed)
Medium 170 - 190 mm BNEP190R(right handed)
Large 190 - 210 mm BNEP210R(right handed)

BNEP170L (left handed)
BNEP190L (left handed)
BNEP210L (left handed)

Which finger should I use for which function?
You may use the index or middle finger to scroll.
The objective of the HandShoeMouse is to realize maximum comfort and thus muscle relaxation.

Only with the large HandShoe Mouse the ring finger is used to operate the third button. This button has the same function as the click function under the scroll wheel.

To operate the scroll wheel you can either use the index or the middle finger.

In view of the length of the middle finger and thus the necessary flex of the finger to scroll, it is generally easier to scroll with the index finger. Switching between fingers during operation is generally an autonomous action which requires minimal effort.
Which model has a third switch button?
Please be aware that only the large size HandShoeMouse has a third switch. This switch button is not programmable, it has the same function as the click function underneath the scroll wheel.
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