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How can I Connect a new USB receiver?
 For use a new USB receiver to connect with the Evoluent4 Wireless you must install a small software package. This software is on our websites available, under the following link.
(Evoluent4 Wireless – Downloads).
How long do the batteries last on the Evoluent?
 Alkaline batteries last for 3-6 months, depending on intensity of use. NiMH rechargeable battery provide a lot shorter life because they inherently leak charge even when not in use. Battery life can be prolonged by switching off the mouse with the on/off switch.
The Evoluent4 Small Wireless does not work
1. Put in the batteries in the proper directions.
2. Turn on the power switch on the bottom of the mouse.
The led lights (Indicators DPI settings) do not work?
To save the batteries, the led lights burns only a short time when you change de DPI to another level.  
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